Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Headaches-Insomnia-Anxiety and Constipation Have the Same Root Cause According To Ayurveda

Headaches, insomnia, anxiety and constipation have the same root cause which is a vata imbalance according to ayurveda. Until recently modern Western medicine believed that health was simply the absence of disease. Illness was caused purely by something outside the body, the way a hammer hitting your toe causes pain?viruses caused colds, allergens caused allergies, stress caused anxiety, carcinogens caused cancer, and so on. The solution was to find the right pill and the disease would be cured.

But today we know that the seeds of illness are sown way before obvious symptoms appear. The absence of a readily diagnosable disease is no longer the definition of health?people want to feel good, not just "not bad." The hammer-hitting-the-toe model of disease doesn't explain the wide variation in people's abilities to resist illness or recover from illness. When you encounter a cold virus, you have only one chance in eight of getting a cold. Seven out of eight times your mind-body is able to defend itself. Clearly the virus is only one small factor?the state of your general health is paramount.

By focusing on physical cause and effect Western medicine has looked at individual organs in isolation, as separate from one another and from the mind and spirit. By way of contrast ancient civilizations were intimately in touch with their nonphysical selves and had rich inner lives. They knew what modern science is just now starting to realize: The mind and body are so connected as to be indistinguishable from each other.In many ways modern science is only beginning to catch up with Ayurveda. In many ways modern science is only beginning to catch up with Ayurveda. For example research is discovering that certain people are constitutionally prediposed to certain illnesses, and proving that lifestyle practices and gentle herbal medicines can make a huge difference in our ability to resist disease, recover from illness, and extend our lives. That's exactly what the ancient science of Ayurveda has been saying for thousands of years. Headaches, insomnia, anxiety and constipation have the same root cause which is a vata imbalance and this is an example of genetic predisposition according to body type. Hi I am a practicing Chiropractor for the last 25 years. Ayurveda came into my life in 1984. I have study with the best in the nation and the best in India. It is a practice that takes a lifetime to become a master. I love teaching it and practicing it. The results in everyday practice are phenomenal. It takes seven years to get a degree in Ayurveda in India. It is a serious healthcare science that as a doctor of Chiropractic I was prepared to take it on as my specialty. It gives me so much as a human being and supports me as a professional and serves my community with such grace. California License to Practice Chiropractic 1983,

Bachelors From California Institute of Integral Studies Focus: Ayurveda. 1995 Self Procured Apprenticeship: In Practicing Ayurveda in California for fifteen years. First Ayurved Formal education : Maharishi Ayurved 1985-current. Apprentice: Vaidya Charya Ragu New Delhi, India teacher for Pulse Training.1989-90 Assistant to Vaidya Triguna, Palo Alto,Ca

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Herbal Cure to Constipation

Constipation is usually associated with three things, the pain in bowel movement and the inability to have bowel movement after a long period of straining in the stool and the absence of bowel movement after several days, which is generally three days or more. However, there is really no clear definition on what would constitute a person suffering from constipation because bathroom patterns vary from one person to the next. For example, on person may have to go to the bathroom every single day, but similarly, another person's routine may involve going to the bathroom only after two days.

Generally though, the person himself will know if he is suffering from constipation if he experiences its symptoms such as irregular and infrequent bowel movement, a sudden decrease in the frequency of the need to go to the bathroom, his bowel still feels quite full even after the passage of stools and the abnormal difficulty in having bowel movements. You should also note that there are various causes of constipation. But in most cases, people suffering from constipation have some similarities with regards to their lifestyle like eating unhealthy food, lack of regular exercise, insufficient amount of fluid in the body because they do not drink enough water and the stress they have to deal with. But other factors can also contribute to constipation. For example, pregnancy can alter your bathroom habits and you may have some difficulty in the passage of stools. Some medical conditions can also prove to have some adverse effects like having difficulties in passing stools.

On the other hand, some people suffer from chronic constipation. This condition is actually very hard to live with because you experience difficulty in your bowel movements every time you go to the bathroom. However, chronic constipation is quite easy to cure if a person is committed to a lifestyle change because more often than not, chronic constipation is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, you can use some medications such as laxatives that can let you have some relief from this condition.

Meanwhile, you can also try some alternative cures such as herbal medicines because it is proven to help in constipation in some ways. But you should also be careful when choosing herb supplement because like chemical laxative, herb laxatives is also not good for you in the long term if you constantly use it to cure your condition. Also remember that laxatives are generally reserved for people with sever cases of constipation or those looking for an instant relief because of an emergency.

For people experiencing mild constipation, it is better for them to try mineral oils or even the milk of magnesia for them to cure this condition. They can also try the bitter liquid derived from aloe vera, this can be a very powerful laxative if ingested, but this is also not good for long-term use because it can cause a person to have severe and painful cramping. In addition, you should first consult with a healthcare professional before you take any form of medication whether it is herbal or not.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Constipation

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