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Constipation - Causes and Ayurvedic Natural Cure

According to Ayurveda, constipation is caused due to aggravation of vata. But it can also be caused due to aggravation of pitta or kapha.

Wrong eating habits and bowel habits are main reasons for constipation. Eating too much of food that the digestive system can't handle, eating food items that are not easily digested by body, not taking enough fibrous food like fruits and vegetables, irregular sleeping pattern, mental tensions, etc can cause constipation.

The best laxative is triphala. When used as a laxative, triphala strengthens colon. Other laxatives are harsh on colon, which is unfavorable condition. It balances metabolism, thereby ensuring more nourishment to blood. Take a teaspoon of triphala powder at bed time. Dietary recommendations to Prevent Constipation

Include fruits like papaya, mango, banana, grapes, oranges, apple etc in daily menu.

Carefully chew your food.

Avoid spicy, frozen food items. Also avoid food items that have preservatives.

Avoid food items that are overcooked, refrigerated, preserved or canned. Replace refined starch food items with whole grain food items.

Food prepared with cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric and fennel as condiments are easily digested. Lifestyle Recommendations to Prevent Constipation

Avoid stressful conditions.

Squat for 10 minutes in the morning and preferably while eliminating.

Make going to toilet early in the morning a habit.

Fast a day per week.

Don't wear very tight belt.

Practice yoga. Several yoga postures are especially beneficial in strengthening colon, promoting appetite and facilitating digestion.

There are generic directions to help you prevent constipation. Follow these rules to prevent constipation.

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