Friday, December 7, 2007

Use Acidophilus, a Bacteria, to Prevent Constipation

That sentence alone could turn a few heads. Whoever heard of using bacteria to cure and prevent a disorder? Well, apparently quite a number of people already have. The again, Acidophilus is known to be the "friendly bacteria."

So just what is Acidophilus and how can it prevent constipation?

Acidophilus is a natural occurring bacteria in the human body that produces lactic acid, which in turn helps in braking down food and getting the proper nutrients needed by the body.

The decrease in number of the population of Acidophilus in the body is one of the main causes of several digestive disorders. Factors that reduce the number of Acidophilus in the body are antibiotics, alcohol, improper diet, old age, drugs, smoking and stress.

Aside from preventing constipation from occurring, Acidophilus also aids in reducing the chances of other disorders from happening. This includes; prevention of diarrhea, lowering blood cholesterol, enhancing the nutrients absorption, eliminates halitosis, reduces the chances of acne, prevents growth of some harmful bacteria, lessens symptoms of candidasis and vaginal yeast infection and recent studies have shown that it can help in preventing growth of carcinogens.

When food is digested well, the body can get the proper nutrients from them, plus, the chemical reaction of the body to the break down of the food eaten goes smoothly, reducing the chances for constipation.

Acidophilus aids in the digestion of food. That is why it is necessary that we have sufficient amount of Acidophilus bacteria to help us feel better.

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