Thursday, December 6, 2007

Conditions Caused By Constipation

Constipation can cause problems for your body. If you are suffering from constipation you will no doubt strain to pass the hard stools when having a bowel movement, this straining can cause haemorriods and anal fissures. Straining can also cause a condition known as rectal prolapse, this is when a small amount of the intestinal lining is pushed out of the anal opening.

Constipation can also cause you to suffer from a condition known as fecael impaction. This is when the hard stool is so impacted in your colon that normal pushing can not expel it and an enema is needed to break up the stool and remove it.

When your bowel is clogged with faeces due to constipation, it provides an ideal environment for harmful bacteria and parasites to thrive. Poor bowel cleanliness is the source for many disorders for the body, such as:

? Appendicitis
? Arthritis
? Cancer of the colon
? Clotting in deep veins
? Diverticulitis
? Gall-bladder problems
? Heart disorders
? Hiatus hernia
? Varicose veins

Intestinal toxaemia and auto-intoxication are caused directly from intestinal constipation. Constipation aids in the lowering of your body?s resistance, thus leading to many acute and chronic illnesses.

Intestinal constipation causes extra workload for your other excretory organs such as:

? Kidneys
? Liver
? Lungs
? Lymph
? Skin

by causing cellular constipation. This causes the functioning of these organs to become overworked and depleted. Repair and growth are delayed, the ability to eliminate waste products is limited and cellular metabolism becomes sluggish. The cells become dead and inactive, instead of active and alive, this process helps in the decline of organ and tissue functioning ability.

Constipation causes auto-intoxication, this is a process where your body literally toxicants itself by keeping decaying matter within your colon. The toxins which are released within your bowel, find their way into your bloodstream and from there around your body. This slowly affects every cell in your body and causes illnesses.

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