Thursday, September 6, 2007

Information Constipation

If you've been in the process of starting a business (or
thinking about starting a business) for more than 6 months,
but you haven't made any progress, you may be suffering from
Information Constipation.

Information Constipation is a dreadful disease that strikes
over analytical people, procrastinators, and the fearful.
People have so much information that they are paralyzed and
unable to act. The condition is generally marked by an
elongated period called "research". Some people refer to
this period as "getting ready", "information gathering", or
"preparation". The main symptom is several months
(or years) spent checking out a business opportunity in
lieu of actually pursuing it. People generally suffer from
a feeling that they don't have enough information or they
aren't very knowledgeable about the subject and hence they
are unable to move forward. This is quite often to the
contrary because they have spent so much time gathering
information that they are now more "book smart" about their
potential business than many people who have a successful
business up and running.

There is really only one known cure for Information
Constipation and that is (in the famous words of Nike):
Just Do it! You will never have all of the information you
need. You will never know everything there is to know .
Not to mention, a little fear and apprehension is normal
and healthy.

So if you or someone you know is suffering from Information
Constipation get them to the nearest coach, friend or
motivator so that they can get a much needed push to make
their idea a reality.

 Myrtis Smith is a
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