Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dog Constipation

A dog should defecate at least once in two days, with soft feces. The dog suffers from Constipation if it does not do so.

Mechanical obstructions such as tumors, strictures and foreign bodies are the most probable causes of initial Constipation. The ingestion of large meals of bones and some indigestible fibrous material can cause Constipation. If we do not notice it in time the feces accumulates in the colon, loses its moisture and becomes dry. It makes it all the harder to move the bowel. The older dogs are affected more. The dog may strain to defecate, and pass a small amount of liquid stool. Loss of appetite, vomiting and lethargy are other symptoms of Dog Constipation.

Frequent Constipation causes a condition called megacolon. When the feces accumulate in the colon, it dilates to hold the feces. Over a period it loses its ability to contract and expand to propel the feces out.

Clinical signs are the important methods by which the Constipation is diagnosed. Physical examination and, in certain cases, radiography can help in assessing the Constipation of the pet. First, treatment may involve enemas and or the physical removal of the feces in a veterinary clinic. If that doesn?t work then surgery may be used. The dog may need intravenous liquids to treat dehydration. Various laxatives are available for dogs, that soften the stools and improve colon contraction.

We can take several measures to prevent Dog Constipation. A high-fiber diet and the availability of water at all times are most important. Regularly exercising the dog is very important, and it also allows the dog regular chances for bowel movements. Encouraging the dog to pass stools by taking the dogs out often can improve the frequency. There are serious diseases that can cause Constipation. As the dog ages, the chance of Constipation also increases.

If the normal treatment is not effective, the veterinarian may do surgery to partially or fully remove the colon.

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