Thursday, September 20, 2007

Constipation Causes and Relief

Relief from constipation relief can be a welcoming feeling if you are the one who is suffering from constipation.

The most common gastrointestinal complaint in America is in fact constipation.

Constipation happens when your body waste remains in the colon for too long and too much water is absorbed into the intestines leaving a dry, hard stool which causes discomfort and can eventually lead to constipation.

If the problem becomes sever enough, bowel movements may become uncomfortable, difficult and even painful. You may even experience bloating as a result of being constipated.

Many people feel that if they do not have a bowel movement once a day they are constipated.

This in fact is not true.

Regularity differs from person to person. For some, three bowel movements a day may be normal; while for others three a week may be the norm.

Knowing what is normal for you can help relieve anxiety, however if you feel you are indeed constipated, there are several ways to get relief.

Prevention is the best form of relief.

A poor diet is one of the leading causes of constipation. A diet high in animal fat or refined sugar combined with not enough whole grains and vegetables are a couple eating habits that can lead to constipation.

Fiber is an essential nutrient to promote regular bowel movements. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), the average adult should get 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day. However, the ADA also reports that Americans currently take in only between 12 and 17 grams a day. Making it no wonder that constipation is the number one gastrointestinal complaint in America. Fiber helps to prevent excessive water absorption by the colon allowing your bowels to move the waste through the colon.

Constipation is also caused by certain medications. If you have started a medication and notice that you have become constipated talk with your doctor to see if he can change the dose or possibly put you on an alternative medication to give you constipation relief.

A lack of exercise can also lead to constipation. Becoming more active and mobile will help your bowels to move, resulting in constipation relief.

It is important to go to the bathroom if you have the urge, as resisting the urge to have a bowel movement can cause constipation.

Severe cases of constipation may require laxative treatment.

Constipation relief is generally achieved with lifestyle change. Getting plenty of exercise, drinking sufficient amounts of water and eating a diet high in fiber can help you get constipation relief.

If you are constipated, see your doctor to get the underlying cause of your constipation. With your doctors help you can obtain constipation relief.

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